"All The Lost Angels" Songs by Rocky Maffit and Nick Milo.

This music was created across continents and countries, in hotel rooms and spaghetti wired recording studios, bedrooms and dark vocal caves.

Along the way we discovered a method of making music with a cast of international musicians and friends that could never be assembled in one location. This requires not just great musicianship, but great trust. And, of course, high speed internet.



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    Remembering Song (Solo Piano)
    $ 1.00
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    Believe In Me Tonight (Solo Piano)
    $ 1.00
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    All The Lost Angels (Instrumental)
    $ 1.00
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    Coming Of Age (Solo Piano)
    $ 1.00
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    Lovely (Solo Piano)
    $ 1.00
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    Remembering Song
    $ 1.00
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    $ 1.00
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    Coming Of Age
    $ 1.00
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    A Thousand Stars
    $ 1.00
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    $ 1.00
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    I Cant Remember You
    $ 1.00
  12. Product Image
    Believe In Me Tonight
    $ 1.00
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    Stone From My Heart
    $ 1.00
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    Stone Prelude
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    Just All Of You
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    All The Lost Angels
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    I Dont Know Who I Am In This World
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Album Title
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All The Lost Angels
Ten original songs by Nick Milo and Rocky Maffit with an additional two interludes and five piano pieces.
$ 10.00

   Words from Arthur Hamilton (Wrote "Cry Me A River"—the Joe Cocker hit.)


   I just spent a marvelous day and a half listening to
   All The Lost Angels. There's so much in it to talk
   about, I hardly know where to start.  But I'll start:

   The whole album is so personal, I think I would know Rocky
   if I sat down next to him at a bar in downtown Tucson or
   Manhattan.  His words and his voice made me feel the hope and
   the pain.

   The songs are totally formed and each of them is saying
   something we need to hear.  Love the melodic construction
   and the feeling of completeness in each song.

   And the arrangements: the background of every song grabs us
   and does not let go, each successive track different from
   the last. And your keyboards are absolutely on the mark.

   I think you and Rocky (and all those talented singers and
   players who took part) can be proud of this album.

   Warm best,